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I've written for publications such as Social Policy, The Toronto Star, NOW Magazine,The Luminous Landscape and Travel+Escape. I've collected a few pieces here.

To Make Something out of Nothing: An Interview with Geoffrey James

(An interview with Toronto's photographer laureate. Originally published in the Luminous Landscape. Summer 2019.)

Figures in a Landscape: The Art of Kazuyoshi Nomachi

(A piece about acclaimed Japanese photographer Nomachi, whose work deals with faith in remote areas of the world on the occasion of his first retrospective in N. America. Originally published in the Luminous Landscape. Spring 2019.)

The Legacy of ACORN in the Age of Populism

(Op-Ed written for The Lens for the theatrical release of our film, The Organizer. Originally published January 2019.)

Ten Thousand Steps: New Orleans Second Line Parades

(originally published as a text+video piece in Travel+Escape. 2014)

The Escalation of Tactics: An Interview with the leaders of the Quebec Student Strike

(originally published  in the Labor and Community Organizing journal Social Policy in the Fall 2012 edition.)

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